"fiddles with the flap for ya"

the Smokin' Ace®
BBQ Pit Regulator

Easily Control Airflow, Temperature and Burn Rate.

The Patented Smokin' Ace® BBQ Pit Regulator is a temperature control for consumer BBQ pits, Smokers, and Outdoor Cookers.

Using thermostatic action, the Smokin' Ace "fiddles with the flap" for you, easily and effectively regulating airflow, temperature and wood/charcoal burn in real time.

Inexpensive and Nothing like it on the Market

Fully mechanical, Low-cost, built for years of use and easy to clean & maintain, there has never been anything quite like the Smokin' Ace.
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We are NOW TAKING ORDERS! The first run of 100 Patented, Gold-Medal Winning, professionally Machined in the USA Smokin' Ace BBQ Pit Regulators is in final production now, followed just as closely as possible by the first run of 1000(!) Since we need to match the adapter to your rig, at the moment sales are online via The Square or Paypal. If you would like a Smokin' Ace or know someone who might, please send an email to Info@BBQRegulator.com along with the type of wood and/or charcoal-fired Smoker, Pit or Cooker you need it for and we'll get back as soon as we can. Pictures of some of the first run units soon to come! Thanks and regards, Mike
Never Gamble with your Meat® always have a Smokin' Ace® in the hole.™
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