"fiddles with the flap for ya"

the Smokin' Ace®
BBQ Pit Regulator

Easily Control Airflow, Temperature and Burn Rate.

The Patented Smokin' Ace® BBQ Pit Regulator is a temperature control for consumer BBQ pits, Smokers, and Outdoor Cookers.

Using thermostatic action, the Smokin' Ace "fiddles with the flap" for you, easily and effectively regulating airflow, temperature and wood/charcoal burn in real time.

Inexpensive and Nothing like it on the Market

Fully mechanical, Low-cost, built for years of use and easy to clean & maintain, there has never been anything quite like the Smokin' Ace.
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June 7-9 2016: Inpex Inventor's Expo. The largest Inventor's Trade Show in the United States. Monroeville, PA
We took home a Gold Medal Jury Award for the Food and Beverage Category!

Gold Certificate
Thanks to all our fans, supporters and the great folks we met at the show!
We saw a lot of new inovative products I'm sure we'll all see soon both local and online.
Never Gamble with your Meat® always have a Smokin' Ace® in the hole.™
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